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01:18 PM isuma-kiosk Functionality #11048 (Closed): Importation de la playlist dans VLC
I think we can close this -- it's covered under
01:16 PM Central server Bug #11660 (Resolved): Upgrading drupal on the central server
Great. No need for any further upgrades.
01:15 PM Central server Task #14613 (Closed): cleanup spam accounts on central server


07:18 PM Isuma Documentation Task #14516: merge the PDF deployment guide into main documentation
nope, best ask Cara...
07:17 PM Isuma Documentation Task #14515: move documentation to this git repository


06:37 PM Debian Isuma Bug #11053: debian-multimedia is dead
Sorry I'm so late repsonding to these -- my notifications from redmine were turned off (my fault) so responding now...
06:36 PM Debian Isuma Bug #11053: debian-multimedia is dead
Yes, that's what I meant -- that new media players would ship without debian multimedia, and with transcode turned of...
06:33 PM isuma-local-servers Task #11082: use the latest php-xml-rpc instead of shipping our own
Thats great -- does the new xmlrpc solve the hangs we have been seeing?
06:18 PM isuma-local-servers Functionality #7199 (Closed): immediate display of uploaded video


03:33 PM Debian Isuma Bug #11053: debian-multimedia is dead
So I think we can drop debian multimedia entirely then, since without transcode we don't need anything from that libr...

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