Koumbit scripts 1.6 published

new postfix, memory-usage, test-write.php, fixes to apache-process-check, clean_conflicts,, head_on
Ajouté par Antoine Beaupré il y a environ 3 ans

Koumbit scripts is now at version 1.6 in the stable repository. This marks the release of a bunch of Postfix-related scripts, most notably the postfix-trace script, which enables Postfix administrators to track messages much more easily. Instead of matching single lines, the script will show the whole conversation (based on the message ID) of a message matching the pattern. This is very useful to track spam runs and diagnose problems with deliveries. The script is fast and can scale up to megabytes of logs.

Other new scripts include:

  • postfix-trace, mentionned above
  • postfix-catqueue, to display the contents of messages in the queue easily
  • postfix-trash, to destroy mails from the queue
  • postfix-trickle, a hack to throttle email delivery
  • test-write.php, to test if we have permissions to write locally
  • memory-usage, to show top memory users

There were also a bunch of bugfixes on apache-process-check, clean_conflicts, and head_on.

Since no announcement was done since 1.2, we also included changes in the other releases here.