Koumbit scripts 1.2 published

features a new conflict-resolution script for Debian upgrades
Ajouté par Antoine Beaupré il y a environ 4 ans

Koumbit scripts, our repository of custom scripts and oddities we have accumulated over the last 10 years, is now at version 1.2. This new version marks the release of a special script blandly named clean_conflicts. This script can be used to help automated upgrades in that it allows admin to process, in batch (instead of inline during the upgrade), changes to configuration files in /etc.

Those files are left around by dpkg and ucf during the upgrade, and are usually wasting everyone's time during the upgrade, as they freeze the terminal, waiting for an admin's answer to the eternal question "keep? replace? abort?" With clean_conflicts, those files can be simply ignored during the upgrade and processed all in one bunch, extracting the maximum brainpower from the admin.

It also has other advantages:

  1. it can merge files with sdiff (ucf should already do that however)
  2. it will pipe through colordiff if it is avaible
  3. it will actually remove the backup files, removing some cruft - note that this may actually be dangerous if do not have /etc under version control. we encourage the use of etckeeper for that purpose, or have backups
  4. it can also run on an arbitrary directory

Ideally, this would be factored upstream, into dpkg and ucf (#13421) but for now it's a simple workaround and time saver.

Koumbit-scripts also ships a number of various other scripts and oddities, see the git repository for a complete list.