Kienan Stewart



Reported issues: 1705


04:39 PM Koumbit scripts Revision a8fea5fd: Single-quote passwords for SMTP_AUTH
04:38 PM Koumbit scripts Revision 6a6f9a77: Add example usage information for getting a wiki page and pushing to redmine


09:43 AM Git hooks Revision ac99b5db: Add pre-receive hook to process branch deletions
Refs #28556
08:08 AM Git hooks Revision 98fd5691: Fix bug stopping branch deletes after push on post-receive-puppet-r10k
The method of using git checkout modified the state of the original
git directory and set the current branch to the b...
09:05 PM puppet-alternc Revision 628fc3a7 (puppet4-alternc): Update metadata.json to reflect dependency on koumbit/libs
09:05 PM puppet-koumbit-libs Revision fa73dcf6 (koumbit-libs): Add stub metadata.json
08:59 PM puppet-alternc Revision 561af03c (puppet4-alternc): Allow empty values to match "non-existence" in alternc varia...
Stops deletes from being run every time puppet runs. Usually alternc
will put the variables back in the table, but ke...
08:46 PM Puppet AlternC Bug #31096 (New): When using bureau profile, exim is installed before postfix as an MTA
boot pc-stretch or pc-buster with role::client::alternc.
initial provisioning fails with package conflicts since e...


06:14 PM Git hooks Revision b4a3b6d4: Add comments to describe the expected setup of the cache directory
06:09 PM Git hooks Revision f0ed14ec: Set umask 002 on the cache directory

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