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02:57 PM Koumbit scripts Revision 848faf97: website_state: remove special-casing for domain_status
with the patch that was just added to the whois library this special
case is not necessary anymore.
02:55 PM Koumbit scripts Revision f0667313: whois: apply patch to unify 'status'
why were two TLDs using a different name for the same information? wth..
this patch was imported from
02:03 PM Koumbit scripts Revision 44874d4f: whois lib: import patch for .ca nameservers
this was found in
I'm currently pushing for this PR to get merged ups...
01:43 PM Koumbit scripts Revision 7be3c5e8: bump vendored whois library
this represents commit b5623ed25cfa58d9457d30dae640e69b9e530b23 which is
presently the top of the master branch for t...


05:12 PM Koumbit scripts Revision aee723a3: website_state: figure out second level domain
most of the information that this script is trying to figure out
concerns the "second level domain", so the domain na...


08:50 PM Kproject Bug #37293 (New): Quand on modifie un punch et qu'on tappe le nom d'une tâche, kproject ne devrai...
C'est déjà difficile de trouver une tâche dans travail.k.n, mais le fait que les tâches fermées soient affichées dans...


11:30 AM puppet-koumbit-libs Revision 695c13c6 (koumbit-libs): bullseye-testing: return a number instead of a string
the previous fix for debian bullseye while it's still unreleased (in
testing) was not placed early enough in the func...


06:23 PM puppet-koumbit-libs Revision 3a39fb96 (koumbit-libs): TEMP: support bullseye while it's still "testing"
facter is currently clueless about the release number for bullseye
since, well... it's still not released.
facter's ...


05:11 PM Koumbit scripts Revision ccbccc1f: bump version of rt-client in support requirements
there's been a new release of the rt-client library in January and it
contains a fix to the rt_info() call. everyone ...


12:13 PM Puppet LDAP Task #35815: Merge #32066
tiens, je le rattache au user story de merge requests

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