Description of the Service

This service offers hosting of one or more Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on which is maintained the Aegir Hosting System and associated technologies. It offers secure and reliable management of Drupal sites and support of the hosting environment.

Service Term

  • One (1), Three (3) or Twelve (12) months, as specified in the initial invoice, or modified subsequently by agreement of both parties.

Specifications of the Service

  • Required infrastructure for running a VPS (i.e., computer hardware, network access, resources and hardware, etc.)
  • Hosting of said VPS in Koumbit's cabinets and datacenters
  • Creation of a client account in Koumbit's helpdesk software, which includes:
    • Access to a private issue queue, to communicate with Koumbit support staff
    • Access to a private wiki, to document configurations and processes related to the services
    • Read & write (upon request) access to a private Git repo, to maintain automated configuration manifests under version control
  • Sudo (root) access to your VPS (upon request)
  • 1 hour of technical support per month:
  • Quotas based on the selected package specifying:
    • Hardware resources
    • Bandwidth
    • Disk space
  • Security updates to:
    • The software required to run the Aegir Hosting System and associated technologies (i.e. operating system, web server, database, etc.)
    • Core components of the Aegir Hosting System
    • Selected contributed modules that extend the Aegir Hosting System's functionality (i.e., automated backups, queue-runner, etc.)
    • Koumbit's shared Drupal platforms (i.e. kplatforms)
  • Optional SSL support (additional charges for setup and SSL certificate registrations will apply for each site)
Specifically Excluded
  • Hosted sites are entirely the client's responsibility, unless specific provisions have been made. See Additional Services (below).
  • Additional software installed, whether by the client directly or by Koumbit staff at the client's request, are the client's responsibility.
  • General shared hosting offerings: email, mailing lists, CGI access, other applications.


Physical security is provided by the following means:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), auxiliary power generators
  • Environmental control (humidity, temperature)
  • Physical access to premises limited to pre-registered Koumbit personnel and personnel explicitely approved by Koumbit only, controlled by magnetic access cards
  • Intrusion detection systems (including closed circuit cameras)

Technical Support

  • Support to customer is provided for duration of Services Term, as set forth in the Services Level Agreement (SLA)

Elements to be Provided by Koumbit to the Client

  • Documentation relating to configuration of Server(s)
  • “Getting Started” kit
  • Assigned IP addresses
  • DNS configuration information
  • Additional products and services information

Price of the Services

Packages are based on hardware resources, support SLA, and additional (optional) services. For current pricing, please visit the service's website.

Terms and Conditions of Payment

  1. Security deposit (if applicable) is payable:
    • At time of signing, as described under Specific Provisions, in the Terms of Service
  2. Fees for installation, set-up are payable:
    • Upon reception of Koumbit's invoice
  3. Monthly, quarterly or annual fees for hosting services are payable :
    • On the first day of each term

Additional Services (for information only)

Koumbit is able to provide a number of other hosted and consulting services. These include:

A list of these and other services is available at, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.