AegirVPS Documentation

Welcome to documentation for Koumbit's AegirVPS services. Here you will find shared documentation covering the use and configuration of your AegirVPS server.

This documentation is curated by the AegirVPS team at Koumbit. Membership is open to those clients interested in contributing, just ask a Koumbit team member. This being a wiki, you are encouraged to add to it and improve it.

Note that you also have a private wiki specific to your AegirVPS where you can take private notes. One of the most powerful features of a wiki is transclusion, which allows you to include one wiki page within another. Thus, anything you find useful in this wiki can be included in your personal wiki by adding the following macro: !{{include(aegirvps-clients:<page_name>)}}

For further information on editing this or your own wiki see this page.