Torride 1.1.0 released

first public release
Ajouté par Antoine Beaupré il y a environ 4 ans

The first public release of Torride 1.1.0 has been publish by the Koumbit collective! An extension of the debirf system, Torride allows you to easily run tor relays on spare machines. It can be booted off PXE or ISO images, and can also boot off flash/USB keys.

Torride can be configured through the bootloader commandline (for example through PXE) to enable an exit policy that allows the machine to run as an exit node. The allocated bandwidth can also be configured on the kernel commandline. Special configuration can be added to the image at build time as necessary, and of course once the image is loaded, it can be fully configured as any live system.

The live filesystem ensures that absolutely no data is kept on the server, a guarantee that is already offered by the tor daemon, but a nice addition anyways.

As any Koumbit software, it is released under a free license, GPLv3 or later, as the debirf project. The images are available through our modest Jenkins-based build system at