Koumbit scripts: Koumbit scripts 1.6 published

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Koumbit scripts is now at version 1.6 in the stable repository. This marks the release of a bunch of Postfix-related scripts, most notably the postfix-trace script, which enables Postfix administrators to track messages much more easily. Instead of matching single lines, the script will show the whole conversation (based on the message ID) of a message matching the pattern. This is very useful to track spam runs and diagnose problems with deliveries. The script is fast and can scale up to megabytes of logs.

Other new scripts include:

  • postfix-trace, mentionned above
  • postfix-catqueue, to display the contents of messages in the queue easily
  • postfix-trash, to destroy mails from the queue
  • postfix-trickle, a hack to throttle email delivery
  • test-write.php, to test if we have permissions to write locally
  • memory-usage, to show top memory users

There were also a bunch of bugfixes on apache-process-check, clean_conflicts, move_chroot.sh and head_on.

Since no announcement was done since 1.2, we also included changes in the other releases here.

TORRIDE: Torride 1.2.0 released

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The following bugs were fixed in this release:

  • wait for the RNG to be primed before starting, closes: #13035
  • synchronise time with openntpd, closes: #13032
  • ship with unattended-upgrades and enable them, closes #13031

Koumbit scripts: Koumbit scripts 1.2 published

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Koumbit scripts, our repository of custom scripts and oddities we have accumulated over the last 10 years, is now at version 1.2. This new version marks the release of a special script blandly named clean_conflicts. This script can be used to help automated upgrades in that it allows admin to process, in batch (instead of inline during the upgrade), changes to configuration files in /etc.

Those files are left around by dpkg and ucf during the upgrade, and are usually wasting everyone's time during the upgrade, as they freeze the terminal, waiting for an admin's answer to the eternal question "keep? replace? abort?" With clean_conflicts, those files can be simply ignored during the upgrade and processed all in one bunch, extracting the maximum brainpower from the admin.

It also has other advantages:

  1. it can merge files with sdiff (ucf should already do that however)
  2. it will pipe through colordiff if it is avaible
  3. it will actually remove the backup files, removing some cruft - note that this may actually be dangerous if do not have /etc under version control. we encourage the use of etckeeper for that purpose, or have backups
  4. it can also run on an arbitrary directory

Ideally, this would be factored upstream, into dpkg and ucf (#13421) but for now it's a simple workaround and time saver.

Koumbit-scripts also ships a number of various other scripts and oddities, see the git repository for a complete list.


TORRIDE: Torride 1.1.0 released

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The first public release of Torride 1.1.0 has been publish by the Koumbit collective! An extension of the debirf system, Torride allows you to easily run tor relays on spare machines. It can be booted off PXE or ISO images, and can also boot off flash/USB keys.

Torride can be configured through the bootloader commandline (for example through PXE) to enable an exit policy that allows the machine to run as an exit node. The allocated bandwidth can also be configured on the kernel commandline. Special configuration can be added to the image at build time as necessary, and of course once the image is loaded, it can be fully configured as any live system.

The live filesystem ensures that absolutely no data is kept on the server, a guarantee that is already offered by the tor daemon, but a nice addition anyways.

As any Koumbit software, it is released under a free license, GPLv3 or later, as the debirf project. The images are available through our modest Jenkins-based build system at https://torride.koumbit.net/

KED Password Manager: Kedpm 1.0 released

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The following changelog was released in the Debian archive (sid). 0.5 will be the version shipped with wheezy, which is acceptable as there are no significant bugs with this issue, but with the 1.0 release, i wish to indicate this software is finally considered stable, and in maintenance mode.

kedpm (1.0) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - simplify export code, also export path
    - make kedpm behave if we're in a console
  * Switch to a native package since we are the upstream now.
  * Fix python dependencies (Closes: #662157)
  * Fix the build system to use python tools instead of hackish makefile

The most prominent change is the export output format that changed to include path and be easier to parse by humans. This was done to accomodate migrations to other tools that support hierarchies, like the password-store password manager.

Improvements have also been done to simplify the build system, which should fixes the remaining issues reported on sourceforge.


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